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We have created a membership plan wherein our business partners own the jet and allow you to use it for the cost of flying the jet. A variety of jets are available to suit your party's size and traveling schedule. Save money on air travel by purchasing a membership for jet access from our company in Englewood, Colorado. Jet Access ONEflightbooks jets worldwide at prices that are 50% less than the cost of a traditional charter. Our service includes everything from the pilot to:

  •    Access to the finest late model aircraft
  •    Gourmet in-flight meals
  •    Personal concierge services and limousine service
  •    No long security lines and private terminals
  •    Flying on your schedule
  •    More than 12,000 available aircraft
  •    Access to more than 5,000 available airports
  •    Flexibility to use more than one aircraft at a time
  •    Significant savings over fractional or jet card programs 
  •    Savings on empty leg flights and free online quoting and booking
  •    Online flight tracking and Trip safety auditing


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